Lost in all of the Brett Lawrie ecstasy/turmoil/return to ecstasy last night was news that Dustin McGowan’s ongoing recovery from frayed labrums, knee surgeries and rotator cuff problems was actually, finally going well. So well in fact, that the Toronto Blue Jays are going to try stretching out McGowan’s arm to see if he can rejoin the team as a part of the starting rotation, a notion that seemed ridiculous not that long ago.

According to general manager Alex Anthopoulos:

I didn’t expect to ever even see him being considered a starter again, but he has made such progress. It’s exciting. We’re learning as we go through this, as well. Your No. 1 goal is to keep a player as healthy as you can, and initially he had so many setbacks. The thought was, look maybe we just need to try to minimize everything and keep him as a reliever.

When he was coming back before he was like 88, 87, in Spring Training it wasn’t close to what it is now. Stuff wasn’t where it was today, now he has bounced back and he hasn’t done it just once now, he has done it multiple times. Again, we’re going to be as conservative as we can be, we’re going to take our time.

We learned yesterday that McGowan’s fastball velocity was reaching 95 miles per hour during extended spring training. However, extended spring training ends June 8, at which time he’ll be given a rehab assignment. Because McGowan is out of Minor League options, after 30 days, the Blue Jays will have to either call him up to the Major League roster or hope he passes through waivers before assigning him to the Minors.

While there are still plenty of hurdles to overcome during the next 30 days, this is the most hopeful anyone has been about Dustin McGowan’s future since Marky Mark was nominated for an Oscar (and it didn’t even seem ridiculous). It’s nice to not only see McGowan rewarded for his refusal to give up after suffering through such a litany of injuries, but also for the Blue Jays, who have kept him under their wing during all these injury struggles.

And The Rest

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It’s been confirmed that former Montreal Expos catcher Gary Carter has brain cancer.

Chone Figgins has been given a few days off in the hope that he’ll somehow be able to improve on his .488 OPS.

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No matter what you may have heard, Florida Marlins President David Samson is not a dinosaur.

Dejan Kovacevic believes Neil Walker is a clutch hitter, at least to this point in his career. Speaking of career, his career OPS is .774. With runners in scoring position, it’s .746. In late and close games, it’s .691 and during what Baseball Reference refers to as high leverage situations, it’s .776.

Should the San Francisco Giants consider keeping Buster Posey as the team’s catcher when he returns from injury?

The National League All-Star voting results to this point have been released. Later today, we should see some American League results.

As if there wasn’t reason enough to never do a stadium marriage proposal, you’ll never, ever, ever come anywhere close to this one:

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  1. If Mcgowan ever throws one mlb pitch again this year he becomes a success in my eyes..

  2. I don’t know what to expect with the AL allstar voting results update – they actually appealed to fans to vote for Bautista on mbl.com a couple weeks ago. If he’s not #1, they have to seriously stop this American Idol BS.

    Let’s not forget that he was nowhere close to getting in last year, and that him, Wells, and Buck had to be nominated by their peers.

  3. Why don’t the Jays trade Patterson while he is at his peak value, like they did with AGon last year.

    Over at DJF, I was saying that the Braves desperately need another OF’er if they want to stay in contention this year. I think the Jays might be able to get Mike Minor if they trade Patterson and a lower end prospect like Chad Jenkins. Could AA screw over the Braves and Frank Wren in consecutive years?

    Then if the Jays feel Snider isn’t ready to be called up, they can just stick Thames and Rivera in LF.

    Or maybe they could even maybe pickup Jason Bay to play LF, as you could probably trade a broken bat for him right now and the Mets to pay the remaining salary he is owed this season. I know his OPS sucks, but I would expect him to hit a lot more HR at the Rogers Centre inside of CIti field, and he normally is pretty good at drawing walks.

    But either way, it is time for AA to cash in on Patterson. And I’d love to see Lawrie get called up and bat 2nd, when he is read, as that would be the perfect spot for him with his mix of speed and power.

  4. LOL trade Corey Patterson but pick up Jason Bay!???

    I’ve heard enough! Parkes call anthopolous and demand his resignation! This guy should be the GM.

  5. Hey maybe thats Tony Reagins trying to get the jays back.. start a fan stir that demands we trade for jason bay and take his whole salary

  6. “Posey’s value as a hitter, like that of many catchers, is largely due to him being a catcher. As a catcher he is an extraordinary young talent. As a first baseman he would have been just a good hitter.”

    Call it the Carlos Delgado effect.

  7. Wow, that proposal was something else. You’re right, can’t see anyone topping that.

  8. Delgado was more than just a good hitter. Call it the Josh Phelps Effect, if anything.

  9. You’re right Darnell. Carlos was a great hitter not merely a good one. My main point was that his value took a huge hit. Delgado’s career numbers compare very favorably to Mike Piazza but because he’s a first baseman he’s a longshot to make the hall of fame while Piazza is a lock. There’s no telling what effect playing catcher would have had on Delgado’s overall production but it’s not far fetched to imagine that if Carlos had merely provided Piazza level defense (read mediocre) at the catcher position he would be not only considered a great hitter but probably a sure bet HOF as well.

  10. I’m all for the Patterson deal going through. Definitely sell high material right now. Might be able to sell him as a CFer to the Nats, who are desperate for one right now and willing to over pay.

    I’ve been looking all over online for something about McGowan, apparently he started last Saturday, throwing 44 pitches over 2IP. He’s slated to go again today for 2-3 innings, I would imagine, and with XST over and Jenkins called up to AA, could possibly get the start tonight. But no one is talking, can’t seem to find anything right now.

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