Lost in all of the Brett Lawrie ecstasy/turmoil/return to ecstasy last night was news that Dustin McGowan’s ongoing recovery from frayed labrums, knee surgeries and rotator cuff problems was actually, finally going well. So well in fact, that the Toronto Blue Jays are going to try stretching out McGowan’s arm to see if he can rejoin the team as a part of the starting rotation, a notion that seemed ridiculous not that long ago.

According to general manager Alex Anthopoulos:

I didn’t expect to ever even see him being considered a starter again, but he has made such progress. It’s exciting. We’re learning as we go through this, as well. Your No. 1 goal is to keep a player as healthy as you can, and initially he had so many setbacks. The thought was, look maybe we just need to try to minimize everything and keep him as a reliever.

When he was coming back before he was like 88, 87, in Spring Training it wasn’t close to what it is now. Stuff wasn’t where it was today, now he has bounced back and he hasn’t done it just once now, he has done it multiple times. Again, we’re going to be as conservative as we can be, we’re going to take our time.

We learned yesterday that McGowan’s fastball velocity was reaching 95 miles per hour during extended spring training. However, extended spring training ends June 8, at which time he’ll be given a rehab assignment. Because McGowan is out of Minor League options, after 30 days, the Blue Jays will have to either call him up to the Major League roster or hope he passes through waivers before assigning him to the Minors.

While there are still plenty of hurdles to overcome during the next 30 days, this is the most hopeful anyone has been about Dustin McGowan’s future since Marky Mark was nominated for an Oscar (and it didn’t even seem ridiculous). It’s nice to not only see McGowan rewarded for his refusal to give up after suffering through such a litany of injuries, but also for the Blue Jays, who have kept him under their wing during all these injury struggles.

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