As I write this, the Seattle Mariners and Baltimore Orioles are locked in getaway day battle for the ages. Or something.

One very interesting thing about today’s Orioles lineup: Nick Markakis makes his first career start at first base. Yes, that Nick Markakis. The former 6 WAR stud who suddenly lost the ability to hit.

A guy who, when posting those excellent offensive seasons, was also known as a very strong defensive right fielder. A guy who receives consideration for Fielding Bible awards every year, just missing out on the award in 2008.

The Orioles simply couldn’t face the day without his bat in the lineup, so there he is: standing at first base. A great place for a guy whose arm graded at 90 & 92 for strength and 94 & 98 for accuracy in Fangraphs fan defensive polling.

But hey, that’s Orioles baseball. Block any and all promising positional players with ineffective veterans. Bring in a Proven Cleanup Hitter AND a Proven Closer to help your team achieve…I don’t know. Two full months into the season and I still can’t figure those moves out.