It’s time once again for us to take our faces for radio and voices for print to the audio airwaves for the latest edition of The Getting Blanked Podcast.

This week, we’re joined by former Toronto Blue Jays beat writer Jordan Bastian, now plying his trade as The Hardest Working Man In The Show Business in Cleveland (he chose to move, it wasn’t a demotion). Bastian shared his thoughts on the best team in the American League and how he is solely responsible for their early season success. As always, we give our thoughts on all things Toronto Blue Jays and talk a little bit about the rest of the league too.

I’m not an accountant, but I wouldn’t be surprised if listening to this week’s podcast miraculously cures financial struggles. I’m not suggesting it will pay off all your debts or anything, but some of the smaller loans you’ve taken out might end up getting paid off while you’re listening to our show.

Here, for your listening pleasure and increased finances is the podcast:

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