MLBTR is reporting that the Colorado Rockies have claimed Minor League reliever Josh Roenicke off waivers from the Toronto Blue Jays. Hmm. I wonder what that could be all about. Maybe a certain third base prospect is about to be added to the 40 man roster and the team just made the necessary room for him.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that when he was handed Brandon Morrow’s jersey to wear on picture day, he likely wasn’t beaming with confidence in his job security.

With expectations quickly rising that Brett Lawrie will be called up prior to Friday night’s game in Baltimore, there remained a question of how the Blue Jays would manage to facilitate his addition to the 40 man roster. Alex Anthopoulos, ever the silent assassin, found the answer in quietly placing 28 year old reliever Josh Roenicke on waivers.

Roenicke came to Toronto from Cincinnati with Zach Stewart and Edwin Encarnacion  in the 2009 Scott Rolen trade. After initially being given a role in the team’s bullpen, he became an afterthought after poor performances in parts of two seasons at the Major League level. Unfortunately, he didn’t do much better at Triple A this year, putting up a 5.96 FIP to correspond with his 6.43 ERA. It’s one thing to blame the hitter’s paradise that is the Pacific Coast League for inflated pitching stats, but Roenicke wasn’t doing himself any favours with an astronomical 6.43 walks per nine innings, matching his earned run average.

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  1. Roenicke is not on Jays website as being on 40 man roster. Was he just taken off?

  2. ….but really, why not Richmond? Are they afraid when they bring up Lawrie that Loewen will get lonely?

  3. Richmond has had limited success as a starter at the Major League level. That has to represent more value than a reliever who can’t find the strike zone in AAA.

  4. Six of those, half dozen of the other.

  5. Richmond is also almost 32, and has had equal trouble finding the strike zone at AAA. Really not sure how much rope a 5.26 career ERA should buy him. Edwin is also still pretty high up on the expendable list.

  6. Leftover Marcum jersey maybe?

  7. So it would seem that Lawrie would be called up before the game tomorrow right? I’m pretty unfamiliar with the 40 man roster rules, but couldn’t they have traded him for some horrible prospect and gotten him off the roster…or would whomever they traded for have to stay on the 40 man for a certain period of time?

    I only ask because it would seem AA would shop around more if he wasn’t going to immediately call up Lawrie, and though his numbers suck he was apparently (mlbtraderumors) ranked the 7th best prospect by Baseball America going into last year, and obviously someone (Colorado) wanted him at least a little.

  8. I thought the second letter look rounded.

  9. Looks like a really old Molitor jersey

  10. Richmond has been very effective at the MLB level against righties, Roenicke not so much.

  11. Looking at it again, more closely, that second letter does look round.

  12. 39 players, +Carlson and McGowan (DL) on the 40 man roster….something is afoot.

  13. uh… morrow? you morons

  14. UK jays fan.. there is 40 on the roster. so not sure where your getting ur info from, lower ur boner

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