After last night’s horrid conclusion to their series with the Cleveland Indians, the Toronto Blue Jays are enjoying an off day. While the players rest, the fans will play. Let’s have at it in this week’s live stream where between Kyle Drabek’s struggles and Brett Lawrie’s upcoming call up, we should have a ton to talk about. And I’m sure there will be a healthy dose of Jose Bautista ball washing in there to boot.

As usual, beginning at 3:00 PM EDT, we’ll be answering questions and talking about the Blue Jays until someone off camera makes that slicing motion with their hand across the neck.

Click here to open the live stream window.

To get your question or comment read, tweet us at @DustinParkes and @AndrewStoeten, or use the hashtag #OffJays. And for those who have better things to do than embrace social media, join our live chat to contribute your thoughts. We’ll have someone monitoring the chat to bring up the best questions and comments.