It’s just one of Travis Buck’s typical singles off the foot of the pitcher that ricochets upwards more than two metres and knocks Jon Rauch’s cap off.

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  1. Any video footage of this?

  2. You’re one of the first people I’ve seen use the metric system to describe height. It makes me oddly uncomfortable…

  3. Welcome to Canada and the Metric system. It’s base 10 and makes a lot of sense, unlike the entirely retarded Imperial system.

  4. Except that most people in Canada of all ages still refer to people’s height in feet & inches and weight in pounds instead of kilograms.

  5. Matt
    Easy there slugger. No one’s trying to denigrate the system of measurement which you seem quite attached to. I was just pointing out that you seldom hear someone describe their height in metres. For instance, I don’t even know (despite spending my entire life in Canada) how tall I am in metric. Same for weight.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go eat a 340 gram steak and a 330 centimetre subway sandwich. Then I’ll wash it down with about 473 ml of beer…

  6. Haha, fair enough. I am actually pretty comfortable with both systems, having grown up with the metric system in school and then gone on to work in industry that is primarily driven by imperial numbers.

    Nevertheless, I will maintain the stance that just because something is popular with the masses doesn’t mean it is good. I cite Beiber Fever as my precedent.

  7. I saw this live, but we couldn’t figure out what the hell had happened. Mystery solved!

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