While there’s been some indication that the Toronto Blue Jays might have difficulty signing their first round draft pick, right handed pitcher Tyler Beede, he and his family and friends weren’t very disappointed at the prospect of negotiating an over slot signing bonus with his new team last night.

Now, if only Blue Jays fans could ignore the Vanderbilt background on Beede’s Twitter account.

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  1. If only my high school sweetheart played that hard to get….

  2. That is awesome to see a real human reaction unlike the drafts from the other sports where the players try to pretend that they aren’t 18 and aren’t about to get a million bucks. His dad? seemed the most excited, he was yelling something at the tv. If it was my son I’d be yelling “we’re rich bitch!”

  3. I believe that should be “I’m rich BIYATCH” with bugged out eyes.

  4. Nice find. Great clip.
    Go Jays.

  5. I liked when Gammo mentioned the Vanderbilt commitment and the room sort of chuckled a bit. He’s signing.

  6. Probably the nicest player I faced all year, and he threw a 1 hitter against us… even though their team called it an error. Proud to say I played against him and I hope he does well

  7. If Norris is in the $3.9M+ range, where does that put Beede? I guess it will be easier to gauge when other first-rounders sign.

    Hopefully AA meets all demands and showers these guys in piles and piles of Rogers money. A nice extended middle finger to Bud and his hard slotting fantasy.

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