The above photo shows Reds hurler Edinson Volquez, in all his dread-locked glory, just prior to his late May minor league demotion. Walking far too many and allowing too many runs, the Reds thought a minor league stint was best to rejuvenate their nominal ace while setting up countless Twitter jokes about his newfound Rookie of the Year eligibility.

Volquez returned to the big leagues last night in a big way; throwing 7 innings of 1 run baseball, striking out 5 and only walking 2. His trip to the minors cured him, right? Not so fast, there is more to this story.

This is Edinson Volquez after last night’s start. Bald as a cueball and proud of it, I gather. Aerodynamic new look to improve his delivery! By the transitive property, we can safely assume his baseball performance is directly related to his haircut. Can’t argue the results! Science!

If this revolutionary treatment worked for the badly scuffling Volquez, one can only assume its impact on another starter needing to rediscover his form. Can you think of anybody who fits that bill? Let the #shaveDrabek movement start here and now.

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  1. Its good science.
    Once I started shaving down below, my performance in that area improved as well.

  2. RIP Predator Vision

  3. Did your strokes per minute increase Eric?

  4. But now with Eric’s input we have conflicting Science. One shave improved performance and made a head look bigger, one shave improved performance and made a head look smaller.

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