It seems as though the only break that Brett Lawrie can get in his pursuit of Major League Baseball is the one in his hand. Heyo! The much anticipated Toronto Blue Jays prospect was hit by a pitch in his hand last week, on the same day that general manager Alex Anthopoulos hinted to the media that the third baseman’s call up was imminent.

Initial tests didn’t find a break, and it was thought that after a few days of rest the swelling would go down and Lawrie would still get a chance to begin his Major League career. Unfortunately, a more recent x-ray revealed a non-displaced fracture, meaning that Lawrie will miss the next two to three weeks.

While it will be disappointing to have to wait that much longer for our first glimpse of Toronto’s number one prospect, when can all take solace in the fact that his call up being pushed back means that our friend and live stream webcast co-host Andrew Stoeten will now be forced to actually wear something other than a plaid shirt due to the repercussions of a wager we made last month on the date of Lawrie’s arrival on the Blue Jays’ active roster.

Meanwhile, it appears as though Lawrie, himself, is taking solace in heavy doses of American glam metal music:

I’m guessing Stoeten’s jacket size to be a 44 regular. Am I close?