It’s time once again for us to take our faces for radio and voices for print to the audio airwaves for the latest edition of The Getting Blanked Podcast.

This week, we get all professional inside the radio booth with production values that would make John Derringer jealous, as we talk about the Yankees and drafting with @Jay_Jaffe of Baseball ProspectusFutility Infielder and Pinstripe Bible. We also have a great discussion about Jays top pick Tyler Beede (plus fellow Massachusetts-based pick Andrew Chin) and some of the crazy lengths that the Jays went to in scouting him with Brendan Hall of ESPN Boston (@BHallESPN). Hall is close to the Beede family, and was there at the draft party on Monday night where we stole this video from, and of course, wrote this glowing profile of the Jays first pick.

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As always, Mint Musical Interludes courtesy of The Constantines and Arts & Crafts Records. You can celebrate homonyms and buy everything you hear here.

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Comments (9)

  1. You need to DFA the intro-interlude girl.

  2. No! Renee Paquette stays!

  3. What needs to go is Cito Gaston. I know he means a lot to the podcast, but you really don’t need to be airing the same songs in the same slot all the time. They’re professional songs, they can handle the adjustment. Maybe call up a kid from the minors too while your at it.

  4. Loved the point about the Jays avoiding free agency to spend in the draft. I like thinking about it this way:

    They could probably spend a “ton” of money, sign Beede, Norris, and all the other supplemental round guys, plus a few later tough signs, and still spend less than the Tigers spent to sign Joaquin Benoit.

  5. Renee Paquette is da bomb!

  6. lose the chick, insanely annoying.

  7. Ha ha, sweet John Derringer reference.

  8. The parting shots/banter section was hilarious. I was laughing out loud on the bus home from work while listening. Much better than when you guys just all take a pass on parting shots. And having this section run over the music actually led to a pretty cool effect.

    I agree with Jeffrey Beaumont, the voice over chick is insanely annoying. No matter how hot she is in person, her voice is ten types of awful. It is like a cross between a sorority chick and an 8 year old boy. Sounds way too similar to the kid announcers for Junior Jays Saturdays. I found it pretty ironic that in the podcast that Drew mentions “woo” girls, you also have a “woo” girl doing voice over interludes.

    I feel that constructive criticism is always best, so rather than just fire her, maybe just get her to smoke a couple packs of cigarettes a day, John Cougar Mellancamp style.

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