Tommy John For Joba?

In today’s media scrum, New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi was questioned about Joba Chamberlain’s recent arm injury and the possibility of Tommy John surgery. He dropped what we, in the industry, refer to as a bombshell:

I don’t know how you avoid it.

Girardi further explained:

My guess is he probably is going to have to have surgery.

Before hitting the Disabled List with a strained flexor muscle yesterday, Chamberlain was a reliable member of the Yankees bullpen, reducing his walk rate from last year while also improving his ground ball rate. In recent weeks, he’s filled in admirably for the injured Rafael Soriano in the set up role, not allowing a single run in his last eight appearances.

Comments (9)

  1. Here I thought he went on the DL with a case of fat and shitty.

  2. You ignorant asshole.

  3. Oh yes, I see that Joba was good in his last eight appearances. I’ll retract the shitty, for now.

  4. He’s the best ever. Best. Ever. (Middle Reliever.)

  5. Just a thought, but maybe they shouldn’t have messed with him and all of those “Joba Rules”. With the way he’s bounced around, this probably should have happened much sooner.

  6. Even Cashman has said as much about his misuse.

  7. RT@injuryexpert: Joba Chamberlain has “near complete tear” of UCL. Tommy John surgery coming

  8. ^^An excuse to sit on his ass for a year eating Cheetos?? I am sure he would say its the best thing for him, too….

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