According to this video, which I take very seriously, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim outfielder Vernon Wells (oh, how I love writing that) was somewhat apprehensive about his first start in Anaheim because he didn’t know what it was going to be like playing in front of “people.”

“It’s going to be strange playing in front of fans,” he tells his batting coach.

I’m just going to throw this out there, but maybe, just maybe, Mr. Wells might have collected a few more fans if he’d actually managed to get on base a little more often 32% of the time during his last four years in Toronto.

Also, if you’re a baseball company, is the guy with the fourth lowest OPS in baseball, really someone you want endorsing your line of products?

The Angels come to Toronto August 12 – 14, for a weekend series. I wonder if Vernon Wells will be reminded of the fans in Toronto then.

A huge thanks to Dan, for sending me the proper embed code.

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  1. “Fuckers in Toronto are gonna boo me when we play there? I’ll give ‘em something to boo about.”

  2. To think I kind of felt bad for him, what with how fucking awful he is and how he isn’t going to be able to play an inning for his career in Anaheim without being booed because of the combination of his terribility(it’s a word now!) and his massive contract.

    On second though, fuck him.

  3. Stay classy, Vernon

  4. Vernon knows that the best revenge is playing even worse for your new team than you did in Toronto.

  5. Wow, Toronto fans really can’t take a joke.

  6. Dan, you said it. Toronto fans are a bunch of “I’m leaving and I’m taking my ball with me” babies.

  7. Canadians are amongst the world leaders in having a sense of humour… except when someone is poking fun at them. Seriously, guys. He’s poking fun at the tepid attendance in Toronto. Even Jays fans are known to make fun of the attendance problems in recent years. Vernon has time and again proven himself to be a classy guy when speaking of Toronto and the fans. We’re all glad the contract is gone but I think we can cut him some slack for an attempt at a little humourous improv for an ad.

  8. For the record, I was joking, since I knew Vernon was too. Hence the quotation marks.

  9. Yeah, it was just a joke, but I think it’s fair to be a little insulted. It’s not the classiest thing to throw a little barb at fans of a team that paid to see you play for 10 years.

    It’s not exactly like he suffered here. He was made one of the highest paid athletes in history.

    I wouldn’t have expected that from him, since he seems like a really nice, thoughtful guy.

  10. What about Joey Bats at the 11 second mark in an ad where Vernon makes fun of Toronto attendance?

    Joey Bats in an ad. Did he know Vernon was going to say that about his fans?

    Does Joey bats agree with Vernon?

    That’s it. I can’t have Joey Bats mad at me. I’m going tomorrow. Maybe he can tell us who this coach lady is.

  11. are u kidding me. hes reading from a f&&*%$ script. what a troll article this is. bunch of crying whiny babies.

  12. Vernon Wells, Alex Rios…watching them suffer after the millions we forked over to them really makes me smile.

  13. That was actually a pretty good commercial… of the few (very few) things I miss about Vernon Wells, his sense of humour is the biggest.

    Everybody else needs to lighten up.

  14. Nice try with this contrived story. You must have had a big smug look on your face while writing this faux piece. In case you needed to be reminded again, its a COMMERCIAL.

    Maybe if people in Toronto actually went to the games they wouldn’t write these types of scripts. Stop your whining and looking for scape goats with this type of trash journalism.
    The only thing I have taken from this is if I ever come across another story written by Dustin Parkes, I can dismiss it like I do all trolls.

  15. @JJ: It’s like rain on your wedding day
    It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid
    It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take
    Who would’ve thought… it figures

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