According to David Ortiz, that old elusive blame range target, the media, is once again to blame for getting hit by a pitch last night during the Red Sox beat the Yankees 8-3, finishing their sweep of the former leaders of the AL East.

I just want to thank [the media]. Not all of you, but some of you, for the stat today about be not being hit. I finally got hit. I hope you [Getting Blanked]s are happy.

Ortiz is complaining because several reports mentioned that his rather large frame had gone 696 plate appearances and 160 games without ever being hit by a pitch from the Yankees. While the timing of these reports, immediately following a rather aggressive bat flip from Ortiz after a home run against the Yankees may be suspect, the reports have a lot less to do with him being plunked last night than it does with Jose Beckett hitting Derek Jeter in the first inning and Alex Rodriguez in fourth.

Yeah, it’s juvenile and ridiculous to throw a baseball at another man, but at the same time, these things have a way of festering, and it’s probably for the best that the entire episode was dealt with last night.

Nevertheless, Joe Girardi somewhat agreed with Ortiz when it comes to the media in New York, suggesting that his criticism for the Red Sox designated hitter’s bat flip was blown out of proportion.

All along, I’ve said I respect David Ortiz and what he’s done for the game. I was shocked what he did when he hit the home run. When you say things like that here, it’s going to kind of take on a life of its own when you’re playing Boston. He’s somewhat of an emotional guy, and he got a big hit.

However, I think I like Josh Beckett’s take the best:

I’m still trying to figure out if David got hit for something I did or if it was something ESPN stirred up.

And The Rest:

This article on what makes ground balls was probably the most interesting thing I read all day, yesterday.

Is Joe Sheehan daring to suggest that maybe stolen bases don’t always contribute to more offense? But it distracts pitchers so much.

Tony LaRussa will manage his 5,000th game tonight.

Anthony Rizzo has a very successful debut for the San Diego Padres.

Someone, whom I’ll wager has too much time on their hands, thinks that draft nepotism in baseball needs to stop. Seriously, what would we write about on Day 3 of the draft if not for former players and relatives getting drafted?

Lance Berkman has some ideas for the new owner in Houston.

I guess this was a big thing earlier this week, and I totally missed the boat.

Speaking of missing the boat, mere hours after suggesting that the Pirates trade Chris Snyder to the Giants for middle infield prospect, it’s announced that Snyder will have surgery on his back today. The Pirates are now more desperate than the Giants for someone behind the plate.

Albert Pujols is playing third base more and more regularly.

After being released by the Colorado Rockies, Jose Lopez was quickly picked up on a Minor League deal by the Florida Marlins. He made an immediate impact with the Marlins Triple A team in New Orleans.

Logan Morrison wasn’t all that happy with the way that the Marlins treated hitting coach John Mallee.

The Kansas City Royals has brought up Mike Moustakas, while the Dodgers have sent down Jerry Sands.

By the end of his time in Los Angeles, I fully expect the legend of Dee Gordon to grow from him going first to third on an infield single to him coming around to touching all the bases on a dropped third strike.

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New York Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli plays roshambo with a baseball:

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  1. How is it possible to blame the media, athletes don’t read the tabs or follow what is said about them. They tell us and the media that all the time, so you must be very, very wrong about a pitcher throwing at Papi because of something in the papers or on ESPN.

  2. This is kind of off-top (still related to Red Sox/Yankees though), but I’m kind of shocked the Red Sox aren’t more upset that the Yankees didn’t call that game last night.

    By not getting underway until 10:30pm EST, that put the traveling Red Sox at a huge disadvantage considering they had to catch a plane to Toronto.

  3. Speaking of David Ortiz, is there ANY video anywhere on the internet of that homerun he hit against Cuba in 2006 in the WBC, when he just flipped the bat 20 feet, stared down the catcher, and then plodded (slow for even Ortiz standards) around the bases?

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