The Power of Power

The image you see here is of Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz and his giddy teammates attempting to ascertain where this massive home run landed. It’s a little tough to tell, seeing as the ball’s final resting place is about a $8 cab ride from home plate.

Cruz tied the game in the 8th inning with a moderately insane blast off Twins hurler (and frequent tape-measure victim) Nick Blackburn. Not only did it tie the game, the comedic shockwaves reverberated throughout the ballpark.

The home run itself represented a key run, as Twins broadcaster John Gordon indicates the instant the ball leaves the bat, in what represents probably the funniest thing I’ll hear today. Allow me to recreate the TV magic in text form.

  • [Blackburn winds, comes to the plate]
  • [Misses spot by about a foot, leaving pitch belt-high on the inside half]
  • [Cruz, eyes wide, swings from his heels]
  • Twins broadcaster John Gordon instantaneously intones “and that will tie the game.”

The ball, I swear, had not yet left the infield and Gordon’s already put the run on the board. An absolute bomb. A beautiful thing, really.

Meanwhile, in a neighboring broadcast booth, the Rangers TV team expressed their dismay/disgust with the Twinkies in-house homer tracking, spitting all over the 450 foot assessment. I cannot say I disagree, as that home run travelled closer to 800 feet than 450.

Upon returning to the dugout, Cruz and his teammates marveled at his prodigious blast, joining in numerous celebratory dances and ass-grabs. Cruz doesn’t appear to believe the ball flew as far as his teammates insist it did. Good stuff all around.

Despite a reputation as a cavernous pitcher’s park, Target Field is often the site of jaw-dropping home runs. As it is Friday, enjoy two such tater tots, Jose Bautista’s upper deck bomb from last October and Jimmer’s centerfield smash.