Thanks to a post by the great Over the Monster I thought I’d steal an old idea from a good friend and introduce a little run differential magic courtesy of the Boston Red Sox.

The Red Sox three game beating of the Jays did a lot of good. Not only did Tito Francona get to empty his bench and give even the bat boys a few plater apperances, it also increased their playoff probability from under 60% to 80%! The Sawk expect wins grew from 92 to 97. Magic!

Additionally, the Sox issued a tidy wakeup call to misguided Jays fans who held on — insanely — to even a glimmer of playoff hope. Dropping their season run differential from +30 to, um, +1. Their playoff probability dives from 20% to 6%, though the damage to the Jays rotation’s collective psyche is surely greater than that.

Oh well, at least the Jays only have to play the Sox (rustles papers) NINE more times this year. Any chance we can fast-track realignment, maybe have it in place for the second half of this season?