Since we focused on the New York Mets for our quote of the day, why bother going anywhere else for our link of the day? The almost always excellent UniWatch has an interview with the first ever Mrs. Met mascot, which is exactly the type of baseball ephemera that one should link to on a slow Tuesday morning.

Here’s what we learn from the quick interview:

  • It’s Mrs. Met, not Lady Met.
  • Nepotism was a big part of the hiring process in the 70s.
  • Considering the cash payments, the New York Mets likely didn’t keep the best financial records even back then.
  • Mr. Met and Mrs. Met eventually got married in real life.
  • When not sexually harassing her, New York Mets fans whispered sweet nothings into Mrs. Met’s ear. But not Mr. Met’s. That would be weird.

Check it out for yourself. It’s definitely a fun read.