The Human Highlight Video

I’m just going to put it out there: Brent Lillibridge is the new Sam Fuld. The image you see here is Brent Lillibridge stealing a home run from Coco Crisp. As Brent Lillibridge is wont to do, he did this during a huge moment in Saturday’s game – the Sox held a one-run lead over Crisp’s A’s in the 8th inning and the tying run stood on second base.

The catch is pretty amazing, as are many, many other plays Lillibridge makes in the outfield. Hit the jump for a wonderfully embedded playlist of Lillibridge greatness (unless you’re on an ipad and therefore S.O.L), starting with the Crisp grab and concluding with the game-saving grabs (back-to-back!) against the Yankees which created the legend of Brent Lillibridge.

WARNING – You might want to turn off the sound as many of these clips contain rampant Hawkisms. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This catch gets better as the camera angle improves. The final shot takes it from good to zomg!

No big deal, just a near-death experience. Happens all the time.

Not even the great Brent Lillibridge is immune to bad routes and losing his footing. Fortunately for him, he’s magic.

Not the flashiest of catches but certainly handled with aplomb. Considering the situation, much more impressive.

This catch is ridiculous in just about every imaginable way.