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From shortstop Jose Reyes, after the New York Mets lost 3-1 to the Pittsburgh Pirates last night, putting their record for the season at 32-34.

If you play below .500, that means you don’t play too good. So we want to get to a .500 margin, or even better.


This quote is exactly why reading game summaries is such an absolutely useless exercise. What possible value does a quote like that, hardly an exception in baseball writing, give to a reader?

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  1. The only news in NYC last night was Derek Jeter’s “Grade 1 Calf Strain”.

    Grade 1! All is lost!

  2. I’ll never forget this useless quote from Brian McCann after last season’s all-star game: “A home field advantage is just that, it’s a home field advantage”. Thanks, champ!

  3. I think the Royal Canadian Air Farce nailed this subject all those years ago with Dave Broadfoot’s Big Bobby Clobber character.

  4. But everybody knows athletes are useless for interesting quotes about 95% of the time or more, so why would a writer use that quote? Probably in a vain attempt to make him/herself look smarter, as the other thing everybody knows (or should) is that sports writers aren’t usually the brightest lights on the GW Bridge (for those who know upper Manhattan).

    BTW, celebrating a player’s injury is low-class idiocy, as, again, everybody ought to know. Just saying…

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