You know that thing athletes do, where they’re really good at just about everything? This post is about that. Four members of the Tampa Bay Lightning (that’s a hockey team, FYI) descended on The Trop yesterday for a little BP and/or team building.

Good hockey-guy Steve Stamkos (pictured above), goalie Mike Smith, and two other hockey bros took their hacks from the Rays head clubbie. The results, as you’ll see below the cut, were entertaining at worst.

Here we have some “unedited’ footage of guys who live 80% of their lives in flipflops taking wild, softball-style hacks. Unsurprisingly, Steve Stamkos owns a decent swing when combined with his preternatural balance and athleticism. Stamkos told that he he still loves the game and — WAIT FOR IT — played shortstop growing up. They’re always, always shortstops.

The final hitter in the above video is goaltender Mike Smith (a.ka. proto-Cory Schneider for all your Canucks fans hoping Luongo retires this summer.) Smith (or Smitty, I’m sure) drove the last pitch he faced deep to left center field, clearing the wall by a healthy margin.

Just like when you hit your last beer league home run (at the hardball diamond, making it a legit feat of strength ahem), Smith tossed his bat and pimped his way around the bases, culminating in this:

Looks like a decent amount of fun. Smith later gave an interview with the assembled beat grunts, relishing his lone tater-tot and receiving a ceremonial shaving cream pie to the face from Lightning right winger Teddy Purcell.

“Dream come true,” Smith said. “It felt like butter coming off the bat, I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve always wanted to try that. Close my eyes and swung, and it went out. I’m pretty proud.”

That’s right, playing in the NHL isn’t enough. He needs to achieve THIS dream too. Think about that the next time a three paycheque month puts a little pep in your step.

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  1. Pretty amazing but I guess their hand/eye coordination is already really fine tuned playing hockey.

  2. Stamkos’ hits reminded me of Willie Mays Hays in Major League…. hit the deck for some pushups, Steven.

  3. Now furiously counting with my fingers through a calendar to find the next three paycheque month. Not soon enough.


  5. It’s pretty depressing how everyone knows exactly what that means and how friggen excited it makes you feel. Thanks Parkes.

  6. Smith (or Smitty, I’m sure) = Classic!

    I have a guy on my beer league softball team known as West (his last name.) I brought one of my hockey buddy’s out to play this year and he gave West the very hockey nickname of “Wester.” Wow….

  7. Isn’t it October? Can’t wait.

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