In the bottom of the fifth inning of Wednesday night’s Texas Rangers / New York Rangers game, catcher Yorvit Torrealba hollered at base runner Andruw Jones, accusing the veteran outfielder of giving away the location of the next pitch to batter Eduardo Nunez.

Jones was hardly shaken up by the angry words sent his way by Torrealba.

I certainly didn’t appreciate it that much, but that’s not an excuse. When (their pitcher) is leaving pitches over the plate, and they’re getting hit, they’re just trying to make excuses. Those things happen. He’s just trying to make excuses (because they’re) getting their butts kicked.

It’s interesting to watch the at bat again after the accusation was made. It’s clear that Torrealba and Derek Holland were trying to start the pitcher’s delivery as soon as the sign and location are given. According to the angry catcher:

We could all be wrong, but we could all be right, so I decided to say something. I don’t take it personally. I don’t take any credit away from them. I don’t even think they needed to do that. We were making a lot of bad pitches, and they hit a lot of mistakes.

Arguing whether or not relaying signs from a base runner to a batter is a faux pas or not has as much of a part in baseball as the bat and ball. Personally, I like what Bert Blyleven says when he admits that he never minded it much when his team did it, but anyone trying to do it to him better watch out.

There’s not really a rule about it, but I don’t consider stealing signs to be a big sin. You’re not out there to make friends and I never had problems with my hitters doing that when I was pitching. Maybe it would help get me five or six runs of support.

But on the other hand, when you’re pitching you have to do your best to stop the other team from doing it. I remember the old Brewers teams with Robin Yount and Paul Molitor were good at stealing signs.

There was a game I was pitching against them, and Ted Simmons was on second base. I don’t know what it was, but I sensed something was going on, and Simmons was relaying my signs to the hitter. So I turned around and confronted him at second base, told him “someone is going to get hurt.” He denied it of course, but it was well known at that time that the Brewers were good at it.

Oh, how I miss you old time baseball.

And The Rest

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