Following yesterday’s release of the Moneyball trailer, the comedians of Twitter took to their iPads and smart phones to play spoiler in hilarious fashion.

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  1. Ahahah you quoted yourself in your story. Nice work.

  2. Billy Beane is dead the whole time.

  3. Joe Morgan is Billy Beane’s father.

  4. Brant Colamarino played by Christina Hendricks.

  5. Jeremy Brown to be played by Sheri Shephard.

  6. I know someone is a fellow west wing fan…

  7. Chad Bradford, played by twelve year old Thomas Ian Nicholas, gains the amazing ability to strike out major league hitters after breaking his arm in a schoolyard baseball game. The genius Billy Beane is able to look past Bradford’s age, unconventional delivery, and high babip in San Jose peewee baseball to find the closer that will lead the A’s to a first round loss in the 2003 MLB American League Post Season.

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