Ed. Note: We asked former Minor League player and coach Hunter Roscoe to give us his quick take on several recent stories that have appeared on Getting Blanked and elsewhere over the weekend. Here’s what he had to say:

Could The Octavio Dotel Experiment Be Over? – “Veteran closers need to be used in a role that they’re most comfortable in: closing ballgames. What do the Jays expect if they’re not going to use Dotel in the ninth inning?”

Tom Henke Is Inducted Into Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame – “There is nothing harder in baseball than getting three outs in the ninth inning. Absolutely nothing. Great closers aren’t made. They’re born.”

Moneyball: Full Trailer – “I’ll pass.”

Stealing Signs – “It’s like my first coach always said: ‘The pitch is mightier than the word.’ It’s not a catcher’s place to complain. If he isn’t happy, call for a fastball in Andruw Jones’ back during his next at bat.”

I’d Like To Tell John Farrell About Sample Size – “If you’re getting a free sample, it’s not appropriate to complain about the size. Just be grateful you’re getting anything at all.”

Fingering The MLB Pervert – “I don’t approve or condone the language or tone in this write up.”

Blue Jays Extend Yunel Escobar – “He’s a good, young, fiery shortstop. If he can get over his bouts of laziness, this could end up being a good signing.”

From Jackie Robinson To Dead Silence – “Politics has no place in sports and I hate that writers who have never played the game keep trying to bring it in. The good people of Arizona live in a democracy and they voted the way they did for a reason. It’s not up to us to judge them and it’s certainly not up to us to boycott my favorite game of the year.”

Michael Bourn Ejected From Game – “I didn’t see the ejection, but this kid probably needs to show more respect to the people calling the balls and strikes.”

Brad Mills Ejected From Game – “When will umpires learn that people don’t pay to see them? Something should really be done about this.”

Marlins Hire Old Man To Manage – “Old man? Jack McKeon is eight months younger than me. I don’t approve of the prejudice against older guys in baseball and it’s refreshing to see the Marlins make a hiring like this. Young teams need the presence of someone who’s been around the game to instill in them the proper way to play it. This should do wonders for that Hanley Ramirez character.”

Designated Hitter Belongs In Both Leagues – “Reads to me like someone is in the pocket of Major League Baseball’s Player’s Association. There’s no reason for them to want to stomp all over the game’s sacred traditions like this.

Get Your Head In The Game – “I don’t get it. The internet videos don’t play on my computer.”

Albert Pujols Out Four To Six Weeks – “This is why the Cardinals haven’t offered the free agent to be a contract yet. They’re smartly building a team of leaders and a real leader plays hurt and doesn’t roll around on the ground when he feels pain. A real leader uses that pain to inspire himself and his team, like Curt Schilling.”

Hunter Roscoe is a former Minor League Baseball player and coach. You can follow him onĀ Twitter.