Get Your Head In The Game

This is why I prefer fielding independent pitching numbers. The first baseman didn’t touch the ball, so it wouldn’t have even been scored as an error. And how about #11′s hustle on this play? The kid comes from right field to back up his first baseman.

Speaking of whom, I’m not so certain about his career in baseball: poor first step, bad instincts and a real lack of focus.

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  1. I totally blame the picture here. Everybody knows you need to throw it to the bag and not to the first baseman.

  2. Tough talk for an animated gif.

  3. * pitcher… sorry, this time I blame my dictation program

  4. Is that Drabek on the mound? Quite a good tantrum :)

  5. If you think the pitcher’s mad, you should see his living-vicariously father in the bleachers. Total shitfit.

  6. I didn’t know E5 played 1st base as a kid.

  7. I love the kids reaction more than anything else.

  8. This reminds me of one of my funniest little league stories. I played house league so there was always a few grass pickers that paid no attention. Most of the time they were put in the outfield. One time, our grass picker insisted that he play 1st base, and because it was house league he got a chance to start there.

    Early in the game, I got a grounder to me at SS, I scooped and launched a bullet of a strike to 1st. Grass picker wasn’t paying attention, probably didn’t even know the ball had been hit, didn’t see the throw until the last minute. My throw hit him square in the groin… bullseye.

    He dropped to his knees and screamed at me “WHY DID YOU THROW IT SO HARD!”

    I will never forget that, funniest thing ever.

  9. That kid running to first is definitly a pitcher. That slide is terrible.

  10. Edwin’s problems at 1st, although much lighter skinned back then, started at a very young age…

  11. Little travis snider once again slides unnecessarily into first to impress the cameras.

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