Geovany Soto, hero.

Ozzie Guillen, you might be shocked to hear, got himself ejected from last night’s Cubs – White Sox battle for Chi-town supremacy. It was rather pedestrian in the pantheon of Ozzie ejections, minus the sufficiently awesome umpirecatcher’s mask punt pictured above.

Even better than Ozzie losing his shit all over U.S. Cellular Field? Geovany Soto’s reaction to the madness, which you can find lovingly screencapped after the jump.

I believe this qualifies as a great moment in “get a load of this guy” history. But wait! There’s a second angle of the crime!

Man, Ozzie really used this ejection as a motivational tool. His antics were the catalyst for a Hall of Fame smirk and excellent troll job by Geo Soto. As a rare decent player on the Cubs, even a passing moment of levity is difficult to accomplish. Way to go Ozzie!

Update: it is clearly Soto’s mask, thus the indignation. Still, scorn!