It’s Marine Week in St. Louis, which means that several hundred of the U.S. military’s finest were in attendance at last night’s Phillies / Cardinals game. Being the patriot producers of public relations that they are, the Fox Sports Midwest broadcast decided to speak with a couple of the marines on hand: Colonel Shane Tomko and Sergeant Nicole Tannahill.

During the quick interview, Col. Tomko remarked:

With that M1A1 Abrams we got across the street, if Halladay keeps on pitching well, we can fix that with one round pretty quickly.

When the FSM commentator laughed nervously about the appropriateness of saying such a thing, Col. Tomko justified his statement thusly:

I can say whatever I want because I’m a war fighter, and this is the Cardinals Nation the last time I checked.

Airtight! Best fans in the world.

Update: Fox Sports Midwest has since issued a statement about the incident:

The comment was an attempt at humor, but was inappropriate to the setting.  We apologize to any fans who may have been offended.

Note: It takes a little while for the video to load. Trust me that it will, but you have to be patient.

Shielding military weaponry from Baseball Think Factory and Crossing Broad for the video.

Comments (12)

  1. Kill Roy Halladay? I dare them to try.

  2. Does that work with other jobs? “I can say whatever I want! I’m an accountant!”

  3. Tanks don’t kill robots, stupid.

  4. This is when Skynet became sentient.

  5. @Findlay – Accountants don’t have tanks and howitzers across the street when they speak their mind.

  6. America Fuck Yeah!

  7. people are really fucking stupid.

  8. Pretty sure that M1A1 Abrams would end up so cuttered.

  9. Lt. Col. Tomko is a decorated war vet who does not deserve any of this grief. He made an obvious joke which was actually a backhanded compliment to Mr. Halladay’s skill. Those who take offense should really get a life. Mr. Parks, (Dude. The pen is like way mightier than the sword. Just as the spreadsheet is far more powerful than the tank.) Dude, you seriously need some life experiences involving the proverbial two way rifle range that is combat. 120mm beats a pen and a spreadsheet every time.

  10. @H. Evers, anyone who jokes about killing deserves all the grief they get. Especially someone who has seen it first hand. Just because you’re a decorated vet, it doesn’t make it okay to desensitise others to violence. If anything, I would think that it should give someone a greater appreciation of the fraility of life. The exception to that is of course, Doc Halladay. His cutter trumps whatever the Lt. Col. can throw at him.

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