The patron writer for underrepresented baseball fans, Jonah Keri, today announced that he has begun working on his next book project following the very positive reception to The Extra 2%. His latest, which is tentatively scheduled for release in 2014, will focus on the Montreal Expos and be published by Random House Canada.

According to Keri:

This isn’t simply the story of a Canadian baseball club that shipped out of town seven years ago. This is a tale of auspicious beginnings, as a city worked to land a professional sports franchise on the strength of a world’s fair (remember those?). It’s a story of linguistic strife, as the rift between French and English Quebec fostered tragic consequences, mellowed, then led to a sovereignty movement and corporate headquarters exodus that helped fuel the team’s eventual downfall. It’s about the cultural ingredients that made Montreal a wonderful and unique market for baseball, but also made it a foreign entity that the league never fully appreciated. This is a business story, one that examines the links between public and private sectors, promises made and broken, and what happens when self-interested individuals get to decide the fate of a franchise, and its carcass.

It sounds like Two Solitudes meets Kicking Tomorrow meets Barbarians At The Gate meets Youppi.

I can’t wait. For a fuller, more accurate description, check out what Keri has to say on his blog.