I sleep with a laptop on my nightstand for two reasons: 1) I usually fall asleep to a West Coast baseball game playing on MLB.tv; and 2) When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is turn the computer back on and read through several websites, hunting for interesting stories, before I even leave my bed.

On most days there’s one event or one article that stands out from the others, and, if you’ve ever read this morning feature before, you’ll know that I’ll usually dedicate a few hundred words to that link while giving the rest little more than a sentence. Occasionally, that one major story just won’t be there. No one got into a fight with a teammate the night before.  No one asked to be traded. And Bud Selig didn’t even look awkward in a recent photograph.

On those rare mornings, I’ll usually just pick whichever random story is most interesting to me and then stretch it out as best as I can with quotes, descriptions and a wordy opinion. And then this morning happened. After reading through a bunch of websites I’ve got absolutely nothing.

Sure, I could talk about the Blue Jays struggling offense and point out the staggering amount of swinging strikes the team had in their most recent series against the Atlanta Braves, but I feel as though I’d just be repeating most of what we said in this week’s podcast and in yesterday’s post game live stream.

In audio form:

Or video:

I could also write about Milwaukee Brewers manager Ron Roenicke whining about his team’s schedule and how hard interleague baseball is, but the topic of balanced schedules has already been done to death.

I think the best thing I can possibly do at this point is just skip to the “And The Rest” section and use a bunch of single sentences to present links to stories like this one about Jayson Werth deciding to hire Scott Boras as his representative.

So, without further ado:

And The Rest

John Lackey’s post game press conference was particularly awesome after the Red Sox pitcher only last three and a third innings in his start against the San Diego Padres yesterday.

According to Francisco Rodriguez, Francisco Rodriguez has to get his head out of his butt and stop his pathetic play of late.

Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times writes about the winning atmosphere at a Dodgers game.

If you’ve ever seen Ichiro! take batting practice, you should be able to relate to this story about his untapped power.

Come on, home fans, there are rules to trying to grab foul balls. You should know better.

Finally, from NotGraphs, it’s “Dancing Baseball With Moustache.”

I know what you’re thinking: “That’s it? Those are the links for today?”

Seriously, there just isn’t a whole lot of news out there right now. Even Hardball Talk and Baseball Think Factory were reduced to linking to a story about the Chicago Cubs extending a commentator’s contract yesterday afternoon. I just couldn’t stoop that low.

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  1. Headline on BlueJays.com: “Encarnacion could return to mix at third”

    Title of video attached to this story:

    “Encarnacion comes up short”



  2. Great. More good news.

  3. At least the fan who grabbed the pop up away from Cody Ross knew of his error. As soon as he saw how close Ross was to him, he quite audibly exclaimed: “Oh, shit”

  4. Roenicke’s really complaining about having to play the Red Sox and Rays a combined six times out of 162 games? He plays in the NL Central, the rest of his schedule is a fucking cakewalk.

    And I think I’d still prefer Encarnacion out there over Nix. The 2010 E5 version actually wasn’t bad (and Nix is really, really bad). It’s only the 2011 version of E5 that seems to make an error whenever he steps on the field.

  5. I think John Lackey’s dickish mood has more to do with his personal life than anything else…i think the dude needs some time off to deal with his shit.

  6. @Fullmer, you must have a selective memory or you’re trying to be ironic. According to baseball-reference, E5 committed 18 errors in 95 games in 2010. If that wasn’t bad, then I’d really hate to see what IS bad.

  7. No, I just read stats. They generally support my memory.

    Encarnacion’s committed 8 errors in 22 games at third this year and 3 errors in 9 games at first, a significantly worse fielding percentage than 2010 to say the least.

    It’s the difference in UZR that really stands out, though. Last year he was a passable -2.3 UZR/150 (it was very much the best defensive season of his career). This year, he’s a horrible -69.6 UZR/150.

  8. Ahh, there’s nothing like citing UZR after thirty games to really highlight the misuse of a stat.

  9. Love the useless nitpicking, Spiggy. Small sample size of data or not, Encarnacion has been far worse defensively in the limited time he’s been on the field than in 2010. One would think that nobody would deny that. Use any method you want, UZR, FRAA, FP% or even the eye test…he’s been bad. He’s been so bad that Farrell has permanently benched him in favor of a .550 OPS hitter.

    The only point that I’m making is that he should be given a greater chance to prove that his awful play in 2011 is only a fluke. With Jayson Nix/Mike McCoy the best current option and Brett Lawrie out a few more months, it’s the perfect time to do it.

  10. If they don’t want to put him back at 3B, though, he’s actually quite valueless and should be discarded. Even if he’s hitting like he can, no contender will trust him enough to put him in the field at any time (taking away half of your potential suitors) and most contenders already have far better bats at their own DH spot than him.

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