Philly Phanatic Taken To Hospital

Since Youppi is now a member of the Montreal Canadiens and the original B.J. Birdy resides in some dude’s closet, there’s little debate as to who the best mascot in baseball is: The Philly Phanatic.

Digression: That new bird Junior who hangs around Ace during the weekend afternoon Blue Jays games does get points for being disturbing. Could the designer not have scaled the new mascot’s head to the rest of the costume? It looks like a caricature drawn by Hieronymus Bosch come to life.

Anyway, during last night’s Lehigh Valley IronPigs, the Phanatic made a special visit to the Phillies Minor League affiliate and was rewarded with a foul ball to the neck. Tom Burgoyne, the man behind the mask, was taken to hospital, where he remained later that night.

You know it’s a serious issue because a poor man’s Regis & Kathy Lee (Kelly) talked about it on a local Philadelphia morning talk show. At first, the semi-mocking tone of the pair discussing this man’s injury seemed rather offensive, but then I realized that these two shells of humanity haven’t had a moment of genuineness since the nineties, and so their inability to show empathy is at least a little more understandable.

We all hope for a speedy recovery and far more YouTube clips like this in the near future: