Hours after quitting a job that only 30 other people in the entire world have at any given time, simply because he wouldn’t tolerate disrespect, former Washington Nationals manager Jim Riggleman went out to meet some ladies, get drunk and talk shit about his former employer.

While his decision making skills may be questionable, his coping mechanisms are a-ok with me.

When asked about his night out on a radio talk show this morning, Riggleman explained that he was out “solving the world’s problems,” and that “there are some beautiful young ladies” at Caddies in Bethesda, Maryland. As if anyone would’ve ever doubted.

Riggleman also shared his thoughts on his surprising resignation from the team:

I didn’t feel like they were totally committed to me so, it was gonna make it hard for me to totally commit to the ball club.

I really don’t know if I want to shake this guy’s hand or his head.

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  1. I get where he’s coming from but when you have the job that he has, sometimes you have to tolerate that kind of stuff if you want to be successful. Some things are out of your control.

  2. It was really a dumb career move because if the Nats continued to be around .500 he would be seen as a relative miracle worker for a upcoming but still crappy franchise and a solid candidate for other jobs where as now he is essentially un-hire-able.

  3. How long before Riggleman ends up as a verb on urban dictionary?

    Riggleman: To utterly destroy one’s career in an entire industry.

    I.E. John was a young up and comer in the widget industry until a prankster put footage of him f*&^ing a blow up doll on the JumboTron at the National Widget Expo (NWE). It completely Riggleman’d his career.

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