In case you missed our live stream yesterday afternoon, Stoeten and I took the time to go through every batter that has had at least 100 plate appearances in a Jays uniform this season, grading them and talking a little bit about their future on the club.

You can listen to it right here:

Or, you can download the mp3 of the episode here.

Or grab it from the Getting Blanked iTunes page, which, last time I checked, was the highest ranking Canadian sports podcast in Canada, and which you can also subscribe to in order to get all of our podcasts and streams shot right to the heart of your computer or mobile device.

And not to bend over too far backwards, but you could also watch the video below. (Or, if you don’t have the attention span for that, check out a couple shorter clips over on’s video page).

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  1. you guys stole this idea from my blog.

  2. please note that the above post isn’t serious. while i did do this for my blog at the 1/3 mark of the year, i highly doubt you guys read my blog, and thus have no idea about anything I write.

  3. Nope. We rip everyone off.

  4. Actually, I’m pretty sure they’re ripping off every journalist ever who does a midseason report card. It’s such a part of sports journalism, it’s not even ripping off anymore.

  5. snider looks beautiful in that picture

  6. Did you really predict 30-35 homeruns for Jose for the season? You know that’s about 4 per month for the rest of the year. That’s not regression, it would be an outright catastrophe! Also, Jose had 4 home runs in June last year and things worked out okay if I remember correctly…

  7. I’d like to hear some Fucked Up in the soundtrack / cutaways. They’re Toronto, they’re bad-ass and loud and still melodic, and they induce fist-pumps. Love letters going to the first Blue Jay who chooses to come up the plate to that band.

  8. @ parkes- Me too!

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