Marlon Byrd Uses Protection

There are few things less pleasant than seeing someone get hit by a baseball and then kick their feet involuntarily while laying prostrate. Allow me to make things unpleasant for you:

That was Marlon Byrd a little over a month ago. Tonight, he’ll play in his first baseball game, as part of a rehab assignment for Triple A Iowa, since receiving multiple facial fractures from that bean ball. To give himself some added protection, he’ll use an oddly shaped helmet with something attached to its ear flap that resembles a chin guard.

Fortunately, the blow to the face didn’t ruin his sense of humour. When asked about the jerry rigged helmet, Byrd described it as:

A little Terry Steinbach.

Oh, how soon we forget:

Of course, things could be much, much worse (thanks to @BayCityBall):

I think the visibility on Dave Parker’s might leave something to be desired (thanks to Scott Lewis):