It seems that Blue Jays fans have been foolishly attempting to project this day since the start of last season before the Philadelphia Phillies series in Toronto was taken away, with much of the city’s dignity, during the G20 Summit. And then just over a week prior to Roy Halladay’s return to Toronto, a year after it was supposed to happen, a serious injury to Roy Oswalt had the potential to turn the Phillies rotation upside down.

However, unless something very strange happens, it appears as though we can confidently project when Halladay will take the mound at Rogers Centre during the Jays and Phillies Canada Day series.

  • June 27 Off Day
  • June 28 vs. Boston: Cliff Lee
  • June 29 vs. Boston: Vance Worley
  • June 30 vs. Boston: Cole Hamels
  • July 1 at Toronto: Kyle Kendrick
  • July 2 at Toronto: Roy Halladay
  • July 3 at Toronto Cliff Lee

While it isn’t the marquee matchup for Friday afternoon on Canada Day versus his replacement as team ace Ricky Romero that some might have hoped for, Halladay’s start on Saturday likely means two things: 1) There’s a very good chance of at least two big selling games for the Blue Jays revenue stream; and 2) With Kyle Kendrick starting on Friday, Toronto might actually win a game this weekend.

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  1. If they had chosen to start Hamels on Friday instead of Thursday, you could argue that the Jays would be facing the three best pitchers in baseball in a single weekend series.

    Glad that didn’t happen.

  2. I’d have been very happy to see those three best pitchers in baseball sweep the Jays. A win would still be great of course, but nothing is more awesome in baseball than seeing great pitching performances.

  3. Yeah, I was kind of hoping for Hamels too, but I’m fine with the consolation prize of not getting swept.

  4. Just because it’s not all three means they can’t get swept? Plus, Philly could still choose to keep Halladay on four days rest for an epic Romero-Halladay Canada Day showdown. That would be sold out and would almost equal Halladay-Burnett 2009 (not quite, because the Jays were the first place Jays that year at that point).

  5. There’s no chance Halladay gets booed, right? That would be heartbreaking. As an aside, is it just me or is Ricky Ro becoming one of the top pitchers in the AL? He’s got to be top 10 right now no?

  6. With the off day, Halladay would’ve been on five days rest for a start on Friday, but they’re going with Kendrick instead. I’d be shocked in Halladay got a single boo.

  7. I won’t put it past some Toronto fans to boo Halladay. Some people really are that pathetic.

  8. There is not a chance Roy gets booed!! I hope your right on when he starts. Flying in from Saskatchewan for the one game. Its gonna be insane! Go jays

  9. He’s not going to get booed.

    Also, it’s supposed to pour in Philly Tuesday night.

    Also also, pitcher’s pitch every fifth day on four days rest. Ricky is pitching his normal spot Friday on four days rest. Halladay would pitch on four days rest, but they’d skip a spot in the rotation because of the off day today (which the Jays have a makeup game for, hence the extra spot in the rotation.)

  10. I’d prefer to watch a great pitching performance by Cole Hamels against the Red Sox on Thursday, Canuckistani.

  11. Fullmer – touché!

  12. I think you’re wrong Dustin.

    Hamels starts Thursday on regular rest, Lee starts Sunday on regular rest. Friday would be Doc’s regular turn, which puts the odd/spot start on Saturday. It makes no sense to bump him back, but keep Hamels and Lee in turn.

    Plus matching aces gives the Phils the best chance at a sweep. I’m banking on a Canada Day start for the Doc.

  13. The Phillies still haven’t posted anything but non MLB websites are selling the tickets as if he is pitching Saturday. I hope Joe is right because it would be an amazing Canada Day.

    Probable Pitchers,

    When Halladay has pitched this year

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