It seems that Blue Jays fans have been foolishly attempting to project this day since the start of last season before the Philadelphia Phillies series in Toronto was taken away, with much of the city’s dignity, during the G20 Summit. And then just over a week prior to Roy Halladay’s return to Toronto, a year after it was supposed to happen, a serious injury to Roy Oswalt had the potential to turn the Phillies rotation upside down.

However, unless something very strange happens, it appears as though we can confidently project when Halladay will take the mound at Rogers Centre during the Jays and Phillies Canada Day series.

  • June 27 Off Day
  • June 28 vs. Boston: Cliff Lee
  • June 29 vs. Boston: Vance Worley
  • June 30 vs. Boston: Cole Hamels
  • July 1 at Toronto: Kyle Kendrick
  • July 2 at Toronto: Roy Halladay
  • July 3 at Toronto Cliff Lee

While it isn’t the marquee matchup for Friday afternoon on Canada Day versus his replacement as team ace Ricky Romero that some might have hoped for, Halladay’s start on Saturday likely means two things: 1) There’s a very good chance of at least two big selling games for the Blue Jays revenue stream; and 2) With Kyle Kendrick starting on Friday, Toronto might actually win a game this weekend.