Travis Snider, Center Fielder?’s Gregor Chishom is reporting that Travis Snider, once he returns from a concussion that’s sidelined him for more than a week, will spend the rest of his time at Triple A Las Vegas playing center field. Center field! Between Rajai Davis scuffling at the plate and Corey Patterson looking less at home in center than a penguin in the Sahara Desert, the Jays have little to lose by testing the waters with Snider.

Obviously, playing center field requires a little bit more athletic ability than either of the corners, but Snider’s athleticism is often underrated by those who can’t see past his thick body. There’s no doubt about it that it’s an experiment, but increasing the running workload of a 23 year old at Triple A seems like a better option to me than a similar test with an older veteran like Jose Bautista at the Major League level.

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  1. I am a big fan of this move. It could totally backfire obviously. Watching him earlier this year really showed his defensive ability. I wonder if it could have the positive side effect of taking some offensive pressure off of him.

  2. The man made of steak and glass is in center field? Well, he’d sure have a nice OPS for a CF, that’s for sure.

    Either way, I’m not opposed to this for now.

  3. His bat would play magnificently in center, and I can’t see a better way to get him AB’s every day when he comes back up.

  4. I’ve been a fan of Snider in center for a while. He can hit more than enough to offset any defensive issue, but I’m willing to bet he’ll be able to handle the position just fine.

  5. snider cf great get him on the jays

  6. snider has three 50 homer seasons in the minors he could be a clone of jose bautista

  7. the jays waited too long to call up snider and lawrie because they would still be good to play but they got hurt in the minors and send down reyes keep stewart and cecil

  8. Snider has a total of 71 minor league HR, so I’m not sure what you’ve been smoking, but I want me some o’ dat. I will assume shaun m is also shaun macgillivray because that 9:53 PM post makes less than zero sense. Snider and Lawrie wouldn’t have gotten hurt in MLB? Are you with Jo-Jo’s Psychic Alliance or something? For the millionth time Jo-Jo Reyes cannot be sent down without exposing him to waivers, where being a LHP he would likely be claimed. Some folks would cheer wildly at that development, but I’m not sure it’s a great thing at this point given where the Jays starting pitching is.

  9. I wanna see Snider in CF, Thames in LF, Bautista in RF, Lawrie at 3B with Cooper and Loewen DH’ing come September.

    Lets see these young guys, and hopefully find a trading partner for Patterson and Rivera.

  10. I. Freakin’. Love. This.

  11. I’m going to reveal myself as a massive geek here, but in my text sim game, I moved Snider to centerfield as well…worked out okay there and as we know; if it works in video games, it works in real life. Book it.

  12. At the very least, it’s an experiment well worth trying. Snider has accomplished a rare thing – increasing his athletic ability to enable him to contribute more defensively. In 2009, many were worried Snider would have to be moved to DH as a defensive liability in LF. Then, iirc, he showed up at Spring Training having sliced a few tenths of a second off his speed down the baseline to first.

    He’s got a ways to go to develop the instincts, jumps and routes that will make him a strong centre fielder, but let’s remember that two years ago we’d be locking in a padded room anyone that suggested Snider could handle centre field. Even if it doesn’t pan out, I think this says very good things about Snider and his ability to improve himself.

  13. why is everyone spelling CENTRE wrong?

  14. I think that, if you’re referring to a position in an American game, you ought to spell it that American way or, at the least, have both options available.

  15. This is a fantastic move. As Argos said, outfield of Thames, Sinder, Bautista, 3rd of Lawrie, Yunel at short, Lind at first, JPA behind the plate and… someone at second. Not looking as bad anymore. Granted, something could not happen, but it sure beats Davis and Nix every day.

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