Travis Snider, Center Fielder?’s Gregor Chishom is reporting that Travis Snider, once he returns from a concussion that’s sidelined him for more than a week, will spend the rest of his time at Triple A Las Vegas playing center field. Center field! Between Rajai Davis scuffling at the plate and Corey Patterson looking less at home in center than a penguin in the Sahara Desert, the Jays have little to lose by testing the waters with Snider.

Obviously, playing center field requires a little bit more athletic ability than either of the corners, but Snider’s athleticism is often underrated by those who can’t see past his thick body. There’s no doubt about it that it’s an experiment, but increasing the running workload of a 23 year old at Triple A seems like a better option to me than a similar test with an older veteran like Jose Bautista at the Major League level.