I recently rewatched Major League as part of our Bleacher Features program at the Revue Cinema, and the thing that struck me the most watching it again was the number of times the dialogue includes the word [Getting Blanked]. Over the years since it first came out, I’ve caught bits and pieces of it numerous times on cable television in its edited down version that excludes swearing and nudity.

It’s almost infinitely more hilarious with the obscenities left in. Not that the actual words carry any humour, but the tone and inflection that the actors use when swearing is unlike any movie that would or perhaps could come out today.

Sports Illustrated’s Chris Nashawaty caught up with the cast and crew of the greatest baseball comedy of all time, Major League, and asked them to explain how a small flick about the Cleveland Indians “became the most beloved – and most quoted – sports movie ever.”

My two favourite revelations from the series of interviews are that 1) the director, David S. Ward, had no clue that Bob Uecker was actually a baseball broadcaster, casting him in the movie based solely on his work in Miller Lite commercials; and 2) Wesley Snipes, who played the speedy Willy Mays Hayes, is actually really, really slow.

It’s a lengthy piece, but totally worth reading. For a breakdown of other favourite moments, Rob Iracane of Big League Stew reveals his top ten revelations.