After a three year absence from the big leagues, outfielder Wily Mo Pena re-emerged this month as a cause célèbre among baseball nerds. His walkoff home run last night (euphoria pictured above, video featured below the cut) can only grow his legend to Wily Mo Pena-sized proportions.

As a guy with a .306 career OBP who can’t really field and posted a .220 wOBA during his last big league stint, it seems weird for nerds who don’t watch the games to flock towards such a mediocre big leaguer. But then again, there’s always this:

I can say, with some degree of certainty, that I’ve NEVER seen a ball hit up there in Detroit. Wily Mo Pena is a beast. A crazed, home run mashing beast. Turns out these nerds DO watch the games after all. An incredible slab of humanity like Pena is captivating in a way my spreadsheets just can’t match.

Take the below video, for example.

That home run, hit into the fountains to the right field side of center came in Wily Mo’s second big league at bat since 2008. Wily Mo TATTOOS Luke Hochevar’s pathetic offering.

My favorite part, the essence of this whole “physically impressive human” thing – the forearm bash with Gerardo Perra as he heads back to the dugout. Thankfully, GB buddy Bill Baer gif’d it for me and for posterity.

It isn’t often you see an man’s entire torso shudder after bumping forearms with another man. It is actually impressive that Parra didn’t suffer a spiral fracture of his right humeros bone.

Wily Mo might not be an “everyday player” or a “valuable contributor” or “able to discern the difference between balls and strikes” but, man, is he ever fun to watch. Here’s hoping he stays hot and hits moonshots for the rest of the year, nay, eternity.

Debilitating forearm smash to Bill Baer of Crashburn Alley. He worries about Cliff Lee’s lack of strikeouts in the most egregious case of First World Problems on record.