Introducing Li'l Bautista

Aside from the obvious reasons, I really wish that the Toronto Blue Jays were a better, more competitive team because it might increase the chances of them playing the Texas Rangers in a playoff series, which of course, would bring us all one step closer to a death match between Li’l Bautista and Li’l Ron Washington.

And isn’t that really what we want to see? Li’l Bautista. Li’l Ron Washington. In a duel. To the death.

My money is on cuteness.

Comments (8)

  1. This is the best thing ever to happen in the history of the Toronto Blue Jays.

  2. Anyone remember Li’l Miikka Kiprusoff? Back when the flames were relevant?

  3. AA’s working on signing that kid right now. Can never underestimate potential long-term upside.

  4. Ever since he changed the swing he uses in the park, he’s been reaching great heights.

  5. On a creepy scale: Child facial hair < Child bald spot.

  6. For some reason he reminds me of L’il Bob McCowan.

  7. Amazing thats my gf’s nephew, and hes got one hell of a swing already!!!Def need to keep a eye on him!!

  8. Too funny…

    Bob McCowan=Dad’s Idol
    Jose Bautista=lil’ Bautista’s Idol

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