Toronto’s weekly newsy, hipsterish (without being too hipsterish), lifestyle magazine The Grid has a front page feature on Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos in this week’s edition.

As a die hard baseball fan, it’s refreshing to get someone’s take on Toronto’s young GM, who doesn’t necessarily follow only baseball writers and bloggers on their Twitter feed. It also helps that the writer, Danielle Groen, tosses in a couple of quotes from a certain blogger you might recognize.

My favourite part of the very positive piece is this:

The dome slides open and sunlight streams through, making the bases unbearably bright. Vendors and attendants emerge en masse, music thunders through the park and the smell of fresh, salty popcorn is suddenly consuming. Hey, thanks, Rogers Centre: Journalists are eternally reaching for a decent metaphor, and considering what’s happening in this organization, the awakening-baseball-field one will do just fine.

Some other notable and encouraging quotes from Anthopoulos:

I’m not going to go crazy with Band-Aids, spending $40 million for two years on Joe Blow, who’s 34 and not that good but sounds like a star player.


If you have a great 25-man roster that’s only built for a year or two, at some point it’s going to collapse. And we’d be better allocating those resources to signing a draft pick or a player in Latin America that we could have for six years.


If we don’t have a competitive team until Bautista’s in the last year of his contract, then what did we do for those years he was great? We wasted those years. So we’ve got to go through our growing pains now.

I think I’m in love.

And while you’re checking out the Anthopoulos piece, let your eyes wander over to page two of the story, which includes Rob Duffy’s four clues the city is catching baseball fever. Drunk Jays Fans and Getting Blanked are both well represented.