Death From Above: Mike Cameron

Reports indicate the Red Sox designated veteran outfielder Mike Cameron for assignment today after 285 highly mediocre plate appearances over two injury-plagued seasons.

Brought in as part of Theo Epstein’s defensive revolution, the flyball inhaling beast of Cameron’s early career never materialized due to a recurring abdominal injury.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the line for Cameron; who catch on with a National League club in need of some added outfield depth. Or the Giants.

While Sox fans won’t look back with fond feelings for the Mike Cameron Era, it is important to note how special a player Cameron was over his career. Compare him here to a player increasingly mentioned in the same breath as “Hall of Fame”:

While Johnny Damon recently equaled Ted Williams’ career hit total, Cameron spent most of his baseball life roving the vast outfields of Safeco Field and Shea Stadium to minimal fanfare.

One can only assume this move comes of a new right fielder emerging for the Red Sox. Looks like they’re set.