As usual, Timothy Burke, the mastermind behind MOCKSESSION and GIFULMINATION, transferred the best moments from the weekend to animated GIFs. My favourite was Tim Hudson’s tumble, but honourable mentions must go to Jon Rauch’s Hulk impersonation and Josh Hamilton Ronald Reaganing a ball from shallow center field.

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  1. And I had foolishly thought drugs were out of the game…
    Hudson was clearly drunk, Rauch either had roid rage or took PCP, and Hamilton seems to have dropped acid.

  2. i want to see shane victorino’s baby-deer, ankle-turning, caught-by-a-stray-bullet play in centre field yesterday afternoon. help a brother out?

  3. Honest question: when I watched the video, it looked like it wasn’t called a balk. Why not? Or, was it?

    (balk rules confuse me)

  4. Not sure, but my guess is the ump granted time out to the batter late and Hudson didn’t notice til late in his delivery.

  5. I looked it up, it was not called a balk because no runners were on base.

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