Cleared To Play

Yesterday morning I laughed off suggestions from Tony LaRussa that Albert Pujols wouldn’t require any rehab starts in the Minors to test out his fractured wrist prior to returning to the St. Louis Cardinals. It seemed ridiculous. A fractured wrist is a serious injury for a baseball player, and it was originally expected to keep the star first baseman out of the lineup for four to six weeks. Yet here was LaRussa already talking about his return only two weeks after the injury. It was quite obviously premature.

And then this happened:

As if only missing thirteen games from a fractured wrist wasn’t impressive enough, there were rumblings yesterday that Pujols had actually been taking batting practice at full strength for the last week.

Despite his absence, the Cardinals have somehow managed to hold on to first place in the National League Central ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers by one game, the Pittsburgh Pirates by a game and a half, and the Cincinnati Reds by three full games..

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  1. He is a martian.

  2. The highlight of this story is that the Pittsburgh Pirates are only 1.5 out..

  3. Oh, that NL Central.

  4. Oh, those russians.

    That’s a Boney M reference. I’m funny.

  5. I have a friend named Beau who is funny… I wonder if you’re the same Beau

    • Funny story about Beau. He was at a BBQ at my house and put a bunch of Nutella all over his hands and asked everybody sitting outside if they knew where the toilet paper was. Only, none of the people outside could see the Nutella all over his hands, so they thought he was being serious.

  6. You have to ask the question, don’t you?*

    *clearly kidding

  7. Alright can we at least be accurate about the injury. Pujols fractured his forearm not his wrist. A fractured wrist is a serious injury, a terrible, power sapping injury. A fractured forearm is a huge inconvenience.
    2 weeks is still quick given the usual 4-6 week healing time but it’s not insane.

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