Derek Jeter's Balls Are Different

Major League Baseball has put a special “J” mark on at least 48 different baseballs to be used when Derek Jeter comes to the plate after reaching 2,999 hits. The wishful thinking goes that in case Jeter’s historic 3,000th hit comes on a home run or ground rule double or some other weird sequence of events that results in a commoner getting their dirty paws on the piece of history, MLB will be able to certify the official baseball.

Jeter currently sits at 2,994 hits including his hitless return to the Yankees lineup yesterday after being off for almost three weeks due to injury.

So far this season, Jeter has averaged just over a hit per game, meaning that if he stays on his current course, New York’s final series before the All-Star break at home against the Tampa Bay Rays is as good of a bet as any to see him reach the milestone. The Yankees first series after the All-Star break is in Toronto against the Blue Jays.