John Farrell Got Jawed

The only ovation larger than the one that Roy Halladay received from the Toronto crowd on Saturday when he first took to the mound to warm up ahead of the bottom of the first inning was the clap offering given to Jon Rauch when he went Incredible Hulk on home plate umpire Alfonso Marquez.

During the fracas, the 6’11″ 280 lbs Blue Jays reliever accidentally elbowed his intervening manager John Farrell in the jaw while he was being restrained. The skipper kept a stiff upper lip during the game, but afterwards had to have his jaw reset due to the blow.

Major League Baseball is still reviewing the video, but it’s expected that a fine and/or suspension will come Rauch’s way for the threat of violence he showed on Saturday.

Although the outburst came after a close play at the plate following Shane Victorino’s RBI single, the real reason for Rauch’s anger was due to the batter before. Ryan Howard walked on six pitches, with the ball four call being suspect to say the least.

Animated GIFness thanks to GIFULMINATION.

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  1. Thanks for posting the strikezone plot. That last ball definitely looked like it was in the strikezone, and I see now it was.

  2. Even the first ball was borderline. Good on the Jays fans for giving it to Marquez for the rest of the game (despite probably having no idea whether it was ACTUALLY a ball or not). I wish I had been there, it looked like a tremendous crowd on hand.

    Unlike Kevin Gregg’s blow up last year against Tampa, it looks like Rauch was actually in the right.

  3. I would love to see the Commissioner start reprimanding Umpires for bad decisions like these. Its always said that the umps are punished or penalized for poor performance but I feel as if they need to start making it public. Nothing brings about change like a good public shaming.

  4. The further issue with balls 2, 4, and 5 was that pitches that close were being called strikes for Halladay. Plot Jays strikes vs. Phillies strikes and that would be interesting.

  5. I did it on Saturday. Halladay only got a single call go his way that shouldn’t have. That was overblown.

  6. What about vice versa, with calls that should have been strikes called balls for the Jays? Anything noticeable there?

    • If I remember correctly, Jays pitchers got screwed out of eleven calls, Halladay got screwed out of two. Jays pitchers got one call, Halladay got two. If not that, then something close to it.

  7. The issue wasn’t a big strikezone for Halladay, it was that some of the Jays’ pitchers like Rauch and Villanueva were being squeezed.

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