Strikeout Party in SF!

Regular readers of Getting Blanked know of our great affection for the San Francisco Giants. Though a pathetic offensive club in just about every way, they have one of baseball’s dreamiest pitching staffs.

Their bullpen is specifically excellent, putting on a show in last night’s extra innings victory over the San Diego Padres. Some might say the Padres offense is even more pathetic, diminishing the Giants bullpen dominance. To you I say: why do you hate fun?

The Giants bullpen took over for starter Madison Bumgarner after six innings of five run ball. The Giants pen – Guillermo Mota, Ramon Ramirez, Lavier Lopez, Brian Wilson and Sergio Romo – threw 8 shutout innings. They collectively allowed two hits and two walks, striking out thirteen Padres.

Brian Wilson struck out four Padres in his two innings with Lopez and Romo notched 3 Ks each. In all, the Giants bullpen party faced 28 batters, striking out the aforementioned 13. That’s pretty good. This band of bearded bros coaxed 16 swinging strikes in just 109 pitches, highlighted by Javier Lopez’s 8 whiffs in his two innings of work. (A 35% whiff rate if you’re counting at home.)

Despite an inept offense (fourth-worst in baseball by wOBA) the Giants are in first place in the NL West, two games up on the Diamondbacks. Another year of torture by the bay, though late leads are quite safe in the eccentric hands of the Giants bullpen.

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  1. Check out Sergio Romo’s stat line this year – 28.2IP, 16 hits allowed, 4 walks (one intentional) and 41Ks.
    How does he do it, you might be asking yourself? Who knows? Not overpowering, he has a very deceptive motion and is known to vary his arm slot, throwing fastballs, sliders and the occasional changeup.

  2. The Giants are my favourite team to watch right now. That pitching staff is outstanding. Someone on ESPN’s Baseball Today podcast was saying how Madison Bumgarner’s peripherals were nearly identical to Verlander’s for June. 10.1 K/9, 0.92 BB/9 or something with one homerun allowed. The difference was that Bumgarner had that one bad start against the Twins were everything just happened to fall between a fielder. It was ridiculous.

  3. I am really looking forward to watching A Season with the Giants. I am sure their pitching staff will be well showcased…and of course very dreamy….

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