Several New York Yankees beat reporters are tweeting that Derek Jeter will skip Tuesday’s All-Star game in order to rest and recover from his recent calf injury. Manager Joe Girardi confirmed that the decision was entirely Jeter’s to make.

The shortstop joins teammate Mariano Rivera and Philadelphia Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino as players forced to miss out on the honour because of injury. And now cue all of the cynical jerks pointing out that him stepping down makes way for the better shortstop to play.

Two hits away from 3,000 for his career, Jeter will hit second tonight against the Tampa Bay Rays.

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  1. “Cynical jerks” – isn’t that how you got your start?! Don’t turn your back on your roots, man.

    (Just kidding – but also, GO YUNEL!)

  2. I don’t think it’s being cynical or jerkish to point out that Jeter, as of 2011, is a shitty shortstop. This does make way for an actual ‘all-star’ shortstop to play in the game. I mean, the all-star game is an exhibition of the ‘best’ players, right?

    Then again, I have lint in my ass that cares more about the all-star game.

  3. Derek Jeter deserves to be an All-Star because he’s Derek [Getting Blanked] Jeter. It’s just like Ripken in the last few years he went to the game. No he wasn’t as good, but he deserved to be there because he was Cal {Getting Blanked] Ripken.

    Having said that…I couldn’t care less, haha

  4. Fans wanted him he has a right to be there. Glad he’s not playing though. Maybe Escobar gets the call?!

  5. Old man A-Rod won’t be in the all-star game either thanks to his knee.

  6. There was a similar controversy around Cal Ripken the last time he made the all-star game. He changed the conversation completely by announcing his retirement and turning his controversial selection into a heartwarming goodbye party.

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