Whenever someone close to me passes away I think of one thing: archeologists excavating burial spaces for early homo sapiens. It somehow comforts me to know that grieving is historical, natural and primal, and that as much as we use cutlery and soap and tend not to eat each other anymore, there’s still at least one aspect of our uncivilized history that we maintain.

Last night in Texas, Josh Hamilton tossed a foul ball to a fan in the outfield seats. As the fan reached for the ball, he fell over the outfield railing and then plummeted twenty feet onto a concrete platform. Shannon Stone was a 39-year-old firefighter. He was conscious after falling from the seating area, but went into cardiac arrest shortly afterward, and died. Most deaths can be described as tragic, but the meaninglessness surrounding this one makes it especially sad.

Adding to that sadness is that the man who died did so in front of his young son, who watched his father’s fall happen right in front of him.

Texas Rangers president Nolan Ryan spoke with the media following the tragedy:

We had a very tragic accident tonight and one of our fans lost their life reaching over the rail trying to get a ball. As an organization, and as our team members and our staff, we’re very heavy-hearted about this, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

And The Rest

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have called up super prospect Mike Trout. While the news may be unexpected, it’s not hard to explain: center fielder Peter Bourjous is out with a hamstring injury and the Angels somehow find themselves only a game back of the Texas Rangers in the American League West.

After 81 games, Jose Bautista’s WAR is 6.2. After 161 games last year, it was 6.9.

Derek Jeter doubled last night, and is now only two hits away from collecting 3,000 in his career.

Jordan Walden will replace Mariano Rivera at the All-Star Game, while Shane Victorino and Paul Konerko round out the rosters.

Can the Milwaukee Brewers find success while dismissing defense?

Atlanta Braves closer Craig Kimbrel has set the record for rookie saves before the All-Star break.

Hall of Fame manager Dick Williams has passed away.

The great divide in Detroit.

Baseball Reference takes a look at the players who make the highest percentage of their team’s payroll.

What was Bill Neukom’s role in bringing the World Series championship to San Francisco?

Finally, Phoenix’s sheriff is doing his part to make racist policies even more distasteful. Well played, jerk face.

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  1. The Rookie saves record thing was most saves before the allstar break not the record for the full season…

  2. If the Tigers have the biggest “divide” in baseball…. the Jays must be second.

    I’m not a hardcore stats guy, but looking at their current starters, Bautista, Lind, Escobar and Thames have got to be about .925. Hill, Encarnacion, Snider, Arencibia and Davis can’t be over .650. That’s a spread of .275.

    The Tigers are having a freakish season, but the Jays spread would surely lead the league most years. Wouldn’t it?

  3. I’m worried this may drive Hamilton back to the bottle. I wouldn’t blame him really.

  4. I’ve never quite understood why those railings are so low. Raise them a foot and this doesn’t happen. I fail to see how this detracts from the fan experience in any way.

  5. the railing is clearly below a person’s centre of gravity (ie waist), so if you lean over your centre of gravity is now over the railing. I suppose a higher railing would interfere with the sightlines, but wouldn’t a net over the edge work? I see major lawsuit here. you can’t tell me nobody saw this coming.

  6. In AA we trust. Joey Bats only takes up 12% of our payroll? Awesome!

    Also I almost cried last night when I heard about Shannon passing and seeing the video of it. That poor boy.

  7. I don’t envy the idiot hecklers that Josh Hamilton will have to put up with in the future.

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