So, You Want to be a Pitcher?

Sure, pitchers make more money for less work (relatively) on the baseball diamond. They get the special instructors growing up and the kid glove treatment when the get to the show.

But they’re still standing less than 60 feet from large, muscle-bound men specially trained to smack baseballs with clubs. These bats-men often send baseballs right back from whence they came, directly at the glamorous pitchers mere moments after release.

Sometimes those pitches turn into line drives that strike you right in the beak, like poor John Lannan above. Hit the jump for a more gruesome look at his Friday night at the office.

That probably doesn’t feel very good.

Lannan left the game immediately, though he did walk off the field under his own power. His injury was classed a “nose contusion” which, in the parlance of our hockey brethren, is called “sprouting a Hunter.”

Watch the incident here – the shot is hardly glancing yet the ball manages to make it all the way to center field. Damn.

Hopefully Lannan is okay and returns to the mound in no time. I can safely say my career would be over – my windup goes to pieces whenever I try pitching from the fetal position.