With several major league baseball teams supporting the “It Gets Better” movement (with the team that calls the site of the World’s largest Gay Pride parade home a notable exception) the timing of the Glenn Burke documentary is perfect.

The documentary focuses on the former Dodgers and A’s outfielder Glenn Burke, a player believed to be blacklisted because of his sexuality. The video highlights many interviews and insights into Burke’s life, including a minor bombshell regarding an attempt to ‘buy’ his ‘normalcy.’ Do check it out.

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  1. Is this it? Is there an actual full-length documentary?

  2. Are there any details about where and/or when?

  3. where can we check it out? I would like to show it at this thing here at UWindsor’s campus called “Cinema Politica” that I sometimes help out with.

  4. The fine gentlemen at @ABDBMedia brought this film (and the producer) to Canada last week. They can advise you on locations and showings.

  5. You pretend to be so left wing and do goodery, makes me sick.

    • Setting aside your use of the word “pretend”, it’s pretty sad that you respond to my not-so-subtle jab at the Jays with tired left wing/right wing rhetoric. I don’t think something as simple as throwing together an “It Gets Better” video needs us to divvy up sides.

  6. I recommend this documentary to jocks, gay or straight. I knew Glenn Burke, and his MLB career was cut short by the Dodger’s Manager Tommy Lasorta and the A’s manager Billy Martin, both of whom were homophobes. Martin introduced Glenn in spring training to other ballplayers, then added “He’s a fagot!” I had a cameo in the doc, and wished that Glenn
    had a better chance. Even today, chances are there will never be an out of the closet MLB or NFL player who will declare their sexuality.

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