Today, in I guess things happen that way: Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Jon Lester is set to receive a $50,000 All-Star Game bonus despite a) not being initially selected to play in the game; and b) not actually playing in the game because he’s currently on the Disabled List.

After Felix Hernandez pitched yesterday and became ineligible to go again on Tuesday, Lester was the next pitcher in line, according to player votes, to replace him. If any player selected based on player votes declines his invitation, he must be replaced by the next highest vote getter.

However, Lester’s injured status meant that Ricky Romero was selected to pitch instead. None of this precludes Lester from collecting an agreed to $50,000 for being named an All-Star.

As I mentioned in this morning’s link dump, 84 players in total have been selected as All-Stars, with 17 unable to play because of injury, throwing schedules or prior plans. Of the 16, nine are pitchers, with six unable to participate because they pitched yesterday, two with injury concerns and one, Lester, on the DL. Six others are all position players who are unable to play because they’re either on the Disabled List or have recently returned from missing time due to injury. Finally, Aramis Ramirez declined his late invitation because he had already made vacation plans with his family.