After this year’s game in Phoenix, a whopping 84 different players will be able to call themselves All-Stars. In addition to the approximately 70 players who will actually be participating in the game, several have dropped out due to injury, pitching schedules and already arranged vacations.

Here’s a look at the original rosters, with the replacement players:

American League

C Alex Avila
1B Adrian Gonzalez
2B Robinson Cano
3B Alex Rodriguez Adrian Beltre
SS Derek Jeter Asdrubal Cabrera
OF Jose Bautista
OF Curtis Granderson
OF Josh Hamilton
DH David Ortiz

SP Jered Weaver
SP Josh Beckett
SP Gio Gonzalez
SP James Shields CC Sabathia Alexi Ogando
SP Justin Verlander Michael Pineda
SP Felix Hernandez Jon Lester Ricky Romero
SP C.J. Wilson

RP Aaron Crow
RP Brandon League
RP Chris Perez
RP David Price (SP) David Robertson
RP Jose Valverde
RP Mariano Rivera Jordan Walden

C Russell Martin
C Matt Wieters
1B Miguel Cabrera
1B Paul Konerko
2B Howie Kendrick
3B Adrian Beltre Kevin Youkilis
SS Asdrubal Cabrera Jhonny Peralta
OF Michael Cuddyer
OF Jacoby Ellsbury
OF Matt Joyce
OF Carlos Quentin
DH Michael Young

National League

C Brian McCann
1B Prince Fielder
2B Rickie Weeks
3B Placido Polanco Scott Rolen
SS Troy Tulowitzki
OF Lance Berkman
OF Matt Kemp
OF Ryan Braun Andrew McCutchen

SP Roy Halladay
SP Cole Hamels Kevin Correia
SP Jair Jurrjens
SP Clayton Kershaw
SP Cliff Lee
SP Tim Lincecum
SP Ryan Vogelsong

RP Heath Bell
RP Craig Kimbrel Matt Cain (SP)
RP Tyler Clippard
RP Joel Hanrahan
RP Craig Kimbrel
RP Jonny Venters
RP Brian Wilson

C Yadier Molina
C Chipper Jones (3B) Miguel Montero
1B Gaby Sanchez
1B Joey Votto
2B Brandon Phillips
3B Jose Reyes (SS) Aramis Ramirez Pablo Sandoval
SS Starlin Castro
OF Carlos Beltran
OF Jay Bruce
OF Shane Victorino Andre Ethier
OF Matt Holliday
OF Hunter Pence
OF Justin Upton

Now, you’re going to hear and read a lot of overreaction about this, most of it suggesting that all of these replacement players are making a mockery of the All-Star institution, or some such nonsense like that. But you know better than that.

As much as we pretend that there’s some sort of importance attached to this game because it decides who gets an extra home game during the World Series, we, as baseball fans, should know better than to think that this game has less meaning than an existential nihilist’s manifesto.

No matter how many drop outs there are, you’re still going to be able to see a pretty good selection of pitchers challenging a pretty good selection of batters. That in itself, should be more than enough for baseball fans to want to see. We don’t need arbitrary meaning ascribed to this game. Anyone suggesting that the players who are claiming to be unable to participate are somehow ruining something sacred isn’t being genuine.

I guarantee that they feel no personal loss from a bunch of roster changes, they’re merely finding something that they recognize to be potentially damaging, and running with it as though it is. It’s not. Don’t run with it. It’s first of all a game, and this version of the game has even less meaning than the regular games. Fortunately, there are plenty enjoyable aspects of this game beyond it’s meaning.

So, please, don’t worry about who dropped out and who replaced who. Weren’t these people just complaining that Jeter didn’t belong anyway a week ago? Enjoy the home run derby tonight, the game tomorrow, and be sure to check out Getting Blanked regularly for a ton of content.

We’re going to be kicking things off with a live stream at 3:00 PM EDT today on Then, join us at 7:30 PM for a live blog / chat during the derby. Tomorrow, we’ve got some special posts planned as part of the All-Star festivities, and you’ll be able to join us again for a live blog / chat during the actual game. Wrapping it all up on Wednesday, Sam Miller will deliver a special edition of the Annotated Box Score.

And The Rest

Team America beat Team World at last night’s All-Star Futures game ([Getting Blanked] yeah) 6-4, with Oakland Athletics prospect Grant Green taking home the MVP award thanks to his two run producing doubles. Bryce Harper went zero for four, and had an offline throw to the plate that cost the winning team a run.

NOOOOOOOOO! The Toronto Blue Jays are the least popular baseball team in America. Will we, as a nation, ever recover?

Derek Jeter did something or other over the weekend. Of course, I tease. This is an incredible accomplishment, especially from a position that’s so typically light hitting. I mean 3,000 home runs is huge.

Tampa Bay Rays manager enjoys poking bears with sticks in his spare time.

Carlos Beltran said that he’d waive his no trade clause to come and play for the San Francisco Giants. Make this happen, please.

In unlikable and old third basemen news, Chipper Jones and Alex Rodriguez both require knee surgery and are expected to miss several weeks of baseball.

After watching a man fall to his death at a Texas Rangers game while trying to catch a foul ball that he flipped to him, Josh Hamilton is showing no negative effects.

Kevin Gregg doesn’t just play a douche bag on the Baltimore Orioles, he is one in real life.

Cole Hamels has poison oak. Not so pretty now, are you Hamels?

Really Gordon Beckham? Really? What are you, a hockey player?

Chicago Cubs starter Ryan Dempster and manager Mike Quade got into it over the weekend.

Finally, there’s this. Definitely, this: