I realized at some point during tonight’s thirty-seven hours of Home Run Derby coverage that I am actually not a fan of home run derbies. Before tonight I thought I was, but then I realized that I never actually watched a derby. It was always just something in the background, on the television, while I drank beer and talked with friends.

Having to watch it and pay attention was like turning on the lights after an amorous adventure with someone you’d only seen in bar lighting.

Anyway, the incident portrayed in the video below happened at one point, but I was so drained of enthusiasm by the twenty-two hours of Chris Berman losing his goof over every single ball making contact with a bat that led up to this one moment that I didn’t really appreciate it.

Update: No lie. This was pretty amusing too:

Thanks to Jose3030 for the videos.

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  1. WTF does Chris Berman have to do with baseball anyways? I never watch the Derbies… Snooze

  2. He saved the beer

  3. I’m sure it was pointed out already by someone who was paying attention at the time — but funny that the first round eliminated the 4 right-handed batters.

    I could not stick this one out — maybe they should find something else about baseball that is interesting and have a competition.

    How about a small-ball competition where players bunt into designated targets? That would be great fun. How about a base-stealing competition — I’ll give a standing ovation to the first competitor who refuses to steal third when he’s down to his final out.

  4. Nice grab by Steve Holt in the outfield.

  5. As annoying as Berman is, can you imagine trying to listen to the derby with Buck Martinez commenting… it could be worse.

  6. There would be a lot of fisted balls with Buck calling it.

  7. I imagine “long drive, left field … this one is GONE” would get old pretty quick, too.

  8. About as exciting as watching paint dry.

  9. In between Bermanisms, I’m positive that, off in the distance, I could hear Vin Scully gently weeping.

  10. I liked how the announcers would just work in the homerun (right before saying “Oh my GOODNESS” about 5 times) to whatever they were talking about, and somehow verbalize it. Example:

    “As a boy in the Dominican, he always dreamed of playi-”
    “He just DOMINICANED this ball into deep right! GONE!”

    I couldn’t remember any specific calls, but you get the gist of it.

  11. Oh – and how many times can you ask – after every catch in the field – “Is that Sam Fuld in the outfield?” Or after every miss; “Where is Sam Fuld?”

  12. What a giant turd of a broadcast that was!

    Chris Berman is the Rod Black of American Sports Broadcasting (or more accurately Rod Black is the Chris Berman of Canadian Sports Broadcasting).
    They both show up to events, unprepared, with nothing interesting to say, and yet blather on with their respective annoying shticks at relatively large sporting events within their country. Both rely on the fact that they have been at their respective networks since the beginning of time, to still get high profile gigs.

  13. He sounds like hes using the bathroom

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